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Helping achieve your organization’s mission.

Investment management services tailored especially to small- and medium-sized endowments.

As a nonprofit organization, your endowment has a unique mission and is committed to serving the community for years to come. At Private Capital Group, we know how to help your organization with the stewardship of financial resources.

PCG serves the investment management needs of endowments, foundations and charitable organizations drawing on our broad wealth planning management experience, robust technology platform and research resources. PCG offers a core-satellite investment approach including equity, fixed income and alternative investment strategies. Our goal is to deliver solutions that satisfy the distinct objectives of your institution.

As an endowment fund, you can rely on the unbiased guidance from our independent investment management approach that allows us to act solely in the best interests of your organization to deliver prudent investment solutions.

Establish Goals

  • Mission Portfolio Goals
  • Investment Policy Statement Adherence
  • Spending Policy Considerations
  • Risk/Return Trade-offs
  • Assess Current Situation

Investment Considerations

  • Independent Research
  • Active vs. Passive Strategies
  • Socially Responsible Investing
  • Assess Alternative Asset Classes
  • Low Cost Expense Ratios
  • Customized Asset Selection

Portfolio Implementation

  • Defined Asset Allocation Strategy
  • Risk/Reward Analysis
  • Low Overall Fees
  • Strategic vs. Tactical

Guiding you through the important issues for your organization

Investment Policy Statement

Your organization’s Investment Policy Statement (IPS) serves as a guide for investment portfolio decisions. It serves as a critical reference document which details how the endowment’s investments are managed and monitored to meet the long term needs of the organization.

Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation is the primary driver of portfolio performance and volatility. Appropriate guidance can achieve results without undue risk and uncertainty.

Guiding you through the important issues for your organization

Spending Policies

Nonprofit endowments are established to provide specific benefits that have a clear mission on how the money can be used to support important causes. A specific, well-thought-out spending policy can minimize the cash flow impact of volatile markets and serve to preserve the asset base for the long term future.

Ongoing Monitoring

Providing ongoing support to ensure the endowment continues to be guided by the written investment policy statement.