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Investment Management

Disciplined investment management blending active and passive strategies.

Our portfolio management strategies provide an enhanced risk-return profile.

Private Capital Group, LLC is an independent, Registered Investment Advisor with the SEC and assumes fiduciary responsibility for client portfolios. Operating under a fiduciary code of conduct, we apply discipline, experience and high ethical standards to safeguard your assets and help you achieve your investment goals. We leverage industry-leading technology and unaffiliated third party resources and custodians to provide the most comprehensive wealth advocacy possible.  We build and preserve wealth for families and charitable organizations using our disciplined investment philosophy of blending active and passive investing strategies with a core-satellite investment approach.

Our Key Investment Principles:

Investment Philosophy

We help to grow and safeguard wealth through well-constructed, long term, diversified portfolios.

  • Risk/Reward Characteristics
  • Asset Allocation Strategies
  • Tax-Efficient Investing
  • Passive/Index Strategies
  • Core-Satellite Approach

Investment Research

Independent research and due diligence leads to unbiased and objective recommendations.

  • Mutual Fund Research
  • Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) Research
  • Separately Managed Accounts (SMA) Research
  • Focus on low fees
  • Focus on attractive risk profile
  • Assess Alternative Investment Strategies

Disciplined Management

A disciplined asset management process allows investors access to a multi-asset portfolio with risk based parameters to avoid unnecessary risk.

  • Targeted Risk vs. Return
  • Downside Protection
  • Portfolio Rebalancing
  • Tax Awareness

Our Core-Satellite Approach

Blending active and passive investment strategies allows us to provide our clients with an enhanced risk-return profile. We work to integrate high-value active managers with low-cost, tax-efficient passive investments, such as ETFs and Index Funds. This core-satellite approach looks to gain some of the cost and performance advantages of indexing with the possibility of outperformance from skilled active managers who may offset index volatility and enhance returns of the portfolio.

At Private Capital Group, LLC, we believe both active and passive investing are best when they work together.

Benefits of active investment strategies:

  • Strategically avoid weak sectors and companies
  • Ability to shift gears dynamically with changes in market conditions
  • Construct portfolios to protect investors from fundamental weaknesses in sectors or geographies

Benefits of passive strategies:

  • Offer a low cost structure
  • Maintain style consistency by attempting to closely track the characteristics of the index
  • Tax efficiency

Transparency and Reporting

  • All of your PCG managed account information is available to you online, at any time
  • Access to our web-based platform is available daily to view account details, examine asset allocations, and retrieve important financial information
  • Monthly account statements and quarterly performance reports are also available online